E-hustings questions from bccc members

Q. With nearly one in ten deaths in Brent attributed to air pollution, what are you going to do to tackle air pollution in the Borough?
What do you propose to do reduce air pollution in Brent? The European Commission has launched legal proceedings against the UK for failing to deal with nitrogen dioxide air pollution, and it has been estimated that in 2010 there were 111 premature deaths in Brent from air pollution (predominantly the result of particulates from road transport).

Q. Would you agree that car-parking charging in whatever form effectively constitutes a local, environmentally-friendly, progressive tax on people living in Brent?
Q. For Conservative candidates in our ward (or to all if necessary):

Q. You say you want Brent to be a “car-friendly borough”, and you also talk about “creating a greener Brent”. How would you reconcile these conflicting aims?

Q. You say you will “support programmes to reduce the council’s carbon footprint”, but do not give any specific examples. What are these programmes?

Q. To all:

Will you support the Friends of the Earth campaign to install solar panels on as many schools as possible?

Q. Do you believe that human caused climate change is taking place? And if so, what, in brief, does your party propose to do about it?

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