Zero Carbon Britain Day 2012

Saturday July 21st 2012

Join other people all around the country in finding fun and imaginitive ways to promote the goal of a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030 (see more about that here).

There are all sorts of things that you can do, preferably teaming up with as many other people in your area as possible, like a public meeting to discuss the solutions, a stall and/or display in a public place, a picnic, a cycle ride, a parade, street theatre…

But the theme we are suggesting is a   

Organise a “Race to Zero” – with the finishing line at 2030 (as it were). There are lots of different ways to do this – it could be a real race (running, hopping, three-legged, egg-in-spoon etc) perhaps with sponsored participants, with it being as long or short as you like.
Or it could be more of a symbolic race, dress someone up as ‘Climate Apocalypse’ and race against them, or have ‘human wind turbines’ or ‘solar panels’ racing against coal-fired power stations, or oil industry bosses, or prominent skeptics.. The possibilities are endless.

Or a mixture of these: a real race with symbolic elements including people in fancy dress (a la London Marathon etc, but fancy dress with a significance 

And how about a medal ceremony at the end? As this will be a week before the start of the London Olympics. This could be as much “in the spirit of” or “a satirical parody of” the Olympics as would suit your point of view – in any case the important thing would be to try and catch some media attention. Perhaps you could get some local celeb to award the medals.

And you could add to this whatever you want, with a rally or meeting or picnic and/or press call at the beginning or end.

In London we will be having a series of races in Euston. With heats pitting renewables against fossil fuels, three-legged races encouraging people to work together to get to the finish line of zero carbon emissions, with races including the obstacles facing us today – being ambushed by the Koch Brothers, held back by lack of government action and diverted away from the goal by the discovery of unconventional fossil fuels!  

From there we will take our message to parliament, on a bus hanging with banners, to Palace yard where the medal ceremony will take place. Medals for the races as well as medals for the worst emitters, climate deniers and biggest obstructors of progress will be given out and accompanied by speeches. 

When: 12 noon
Where: Euston Square Gardens, outside the front of Euston station So if you fancy taking part please let us know

You might want to use the Zero Carbon 2030 report,published by the Centre for Alternative Energy (CAT)as a focus for a discussion – or as something to promote to the public to show that ZCB by 2030 is really possible.

And why not invite the local press? It may be that your ideas are best! Certainly you will know your own local area best. 

We need a bold ambitious target both for the UK to fulfill its responsibilities to the rest of the world (especially the poorest and most vulnerable)  and to do our very best to jog the rest of the world (especially the rich and powerful) into getting serious about an effective international agreement to bring down greenhouse gas emissions globally. Zero Carbon by 2030 is just the bold ambitious target we need for the UK. For more about Zero Carbon Britain see here.

 To see Zero Carbon Britain Day 2012 flier (and download or order hard copy)  – click here.