Steering Commitee Meetings

MEETING 7.00-9pm 29 July 2014 Brent Trades Hall Minutes

Present: V.Stien, P.Murry, M.Francis, B.Orr, D.Wren

  1. Apologies: C.Foster
  2. alterations to agenda add Changes to Recycling and Green Waste Collections
  3. Minutes of previous meeting Thursday April 24th Agreed for Accuracy & no Matters Arising
  4. Future Activities
  • Future viability of BCCC agreed unan nem.con


Until further notice Brent Campaign Against Climate Change will meet via emails, phone etc. rather than calling face-to face meetings. It will continue to maintain a website and mailing list and its members and officers may meet together, from time to time, to make representations to Brent Council and/or other relevant bodies in line with the policies of the Campaign Against Climate Change and it may support and/or participate in the activities of other bodies in line with the policies of the Campaign Against Climate Change.


This change has come about because not many people outside of a small group of BCCC members and officers are attending meetings or even responding to emails. The members of this ‘core group’ all have many other calls on their time and feel the activities of BCCC can best be continued on the basis outlined above. If other BCCC members would like to take over the running of the group more actively they are most welcome to contact BCCC officers about this.


NB the BCCC Aims and Constitution seem to show no reason why BCCC cannot reorganise itself as outlined above, however, we do seem to be required to hold an AGM, probably the best time to do so would be after the general election in May 2015.



  • writer’s meetings bcc would not be organising any more
  • representations to Brent Council

ii) Meetings with Cllr Perrin re Green Enterprise zone and Low Carbon zone

iii) Sustainability forum may still exist?


  1. Reports from Groups
  • CACC & CCCTU(see below)
  • AndyAtkins Friends of the Earth Director’s Talk – Our Planet in 2064 – and Solar Schools Launch in Brent 18th June: This had been a well attended meeting. P.Murry had videoed this and would be uploading the vids to BCCC and Brent Greens site and making them available to Brent FoE.


CCCTU meeting 26/7/2014 notes by P.Murry

1)     PAAA etc. Ken Montague and John Stewart to meet R.Phoenix ‘to discuss strengthening relationships between CCCTU & PAAA’. PAAA acknowledges CCCTU as supporting organisation, but CCCTU not getting notice of PAAA meetings.

2)     1 m Climate Jobs leaflet: new edition being prepared for issue at CCCTU conference 21/9 (see, coincides with People & Climate march NY and other world-wide protests on 21/9/2014, preparatory to COP 2015  CCCTU to hold meetings in run-up to this.

3)     Ken Montague aiming to produce newsletter by 16/8 article of c 150 words needed.

4)     CCCTU aiming to organise a ‘Time to Act’ march/street event/s 7/3/2015 may be themed to work with International Women’s’ Day (8/3/2015). Aimed to include other organisations in panning and organisation rather than just expecting them to join in a CCCTU event.

5)     Other events and points raised

6)     a) Unison reported to have given £6m to Labour,

b) This year’s Wigan Diggers’ Festival SATURDAY 13th SEPTEMBER – 11.00am to 9.30pm Eco-Socialist event 14/9. P.Murry muttering about coach from London.

c) European eco-socialist Action Network meeting: London 28 and 29 June (videos

at Hard copies of EEAN

Policy document and document on Energy & Fuel Poverty awaited. CCCTU

participation in EEAN invited, discuss at meeting with R.Phoenix? NextEEAN

meeting in Barcelona date tba,

d) Join us on the 21st September in Manchester for what the organisers hope will be a massive lobby of Labour Party Conference calling on Labour’s shadow cabinet, Labour MPs and the party as a whole to actively oppose the passage of the Infrastructure Bill (a.k.a. the “Fracking under our Homes Bill”) – instead of supporting it as they are currently doing , to give a Manifesto commitment, that if they are elected, Labour will ban fracking for shale gas, CBM extraction and UCG everywhere in the UK, to give a Manifesto commitment, that if elected, Labour will implement the proposals of the One Million Climate Jobs report as the first step of an alternative green energy and climate change strategy which will help us to secure 100% of our own domestic energy needs over the next ten years from renewables such as solar, wind, wave, tidal, hydro and geo-thermic energy, etc.; reduce most people’s energy bills through the better insulation of everyone’s home and more efficient /reduced energy usage, provide sufficient green energy for everyone’s basic use, at a nominal cost, but have a progressive increase in the unit rate for those using greater amounts reduce UK GHG emissions by at least 80% within 20 years. Called, organised and supported by Frack Free Greater Manchester (FFGM), Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils, Fracking Hell (UK), People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Green Party of England & Wales –

e) 2nd Reclaim the Power camp. From the 14th-20th August, we hope you’ll join us in a week of education, training, and taking direct action against extreme energy. Venue tba nr Blackpool.

f) Action For Rail All on board for public ownership – August 19 day of action – See more at:

g) CCCTU phone conference 30/7/14 7pm contactjohnstewart@bt.connect,com

h) Next CCCTU meeting 19/10 London (?)





  1. Pre-meeting discussion: Brian to lead discussion on the “Climate Emergency” pamphlet
  2. Minutes of Meeting 04.07.12
  3. Matters arising
  4. Reports
  5. Future activities
  6. Increasing steering group representation
  7. A.O.B.


 Present: Ed Dovey (St Gabriel’s Church), Martin Francis (Brent Green Party) (Chair), Carol Foster (London Underground RMT), Ken Montague (Brent and Harrow SWP), Pete Murry (Brent Green Party), Ben Rickman, (Brent TUC), Viv Stein (Willesden Transition Town), Roger Cox (Visiting)


Apologies: Tim Danby, Steffi Gray, Amanda Logan, Brian Orr, Ian Saville

It was agreed that Ken send Brian a “Get Well” card on behalf of the steering group. His presentation on the “Climate Emergency” pamphlet to be held over till next meeting.

1. Minutes of Meeting 04.07.12 

There was a correction to the attendance list – Ed Dovey had not been present on 08.05.12. Also Viv Stein had attended representing Willesden Transition Town, not Brent FoE. Otherwise agreed as accurate

Matters Arising

Item 5 – Brent Council leaflet ban: Martin reported that the recall meeting had upheld the ban but provided reassurances on its application. No further action decided.

Item 6 – Brent Food and Allotments Strategy: Martin had submitted comments.

Item 7 – Website: Pete reported that the new blog was close to up-and-running and that he was trying to include a live newsfeed.

3. Reports

 3.1 Rio Talks and Alternative Rio Conference: Ken summarised the reported outcomes of the UN talks, which he suggested had made few significant decisions and had rejected the proposal to remove subsidies on fossil fuels. This was followed by a detailed report from Roger Cox who had attended the Rio People’s Assembly at the time of the talks. He felt that internationally there was still a lot of pessimism following the outcome of the 2009 talks in Copenhagen, but there had been a very good attendance from South Africa and the U.S.A. This item was rounded off be a report from Ken on the CCC “Alternative Conference for the Rio” on 16 and 17 June. This had been very successful, with about 300 people attending, 24 workshops and a well attended plenum. Recordings of some of the sessions can be downloaded from the CCC website.

3.2 Willesden Transition Town: Viv reported that the coffee morning on 10 May and film screening of the Economics of Happiness on 17 May had both been successful.

3.3 Brent Fightback: Ken reported on the campaign to keep open the Accident and Emergency unit at Central Middlesex Hospital and the wider campaign to oppose closures in four of the eight NW London hospitals. It was agreed that BCaCC should support the campaign and circulate its notices as major incidents could arise as a result of environmental developments.

3.4 CACCTU Climate Jobs Caravan: Ken reported on the Caravan tour of 12 – 25 May, which had visited 25 towns and cities promoting the One Million Climate Jobs report. Several local action groups that had grown up to support the Caravan had agreed to go on meeting to develop local strategies. He reported that Unite and the National Union of Students were now formally supporting the Million Climate Jobs campaign.

3.4 Financial report: Pete reported that there was around £25 in the bank account.

4. Future Activities 

4.1 Proposed debate on HS2: Ken reported. He had so far had no success in getting speakers from the rail unions and there was evidence that Government support for the project was cooling. However he would continue to make enquiries with TSSA and local Councillors in the South Kilburn area.

4.2 Proposed public meeting on Health and Climate Change. Ken to continue to make enquiries about possible speakers from the Health and Climate Foundation and Fire Brigades Union. Other suggestions and angles invited.

4.3 Local Festivals: Pete and Martin would be sharing a stall at the Kilburn Festival that weekend and would take Climate Jobs pamphlets. Other festivals that might have been considered are not taking place this year. It was suggested that we attempt to initiate an annual town fair for Willesden Green. Martin to raise with the Keep Willesden Green campaign.

5. Widening Representation 

It was suggested that Ken contact the following about sending representatives: Brent Multi-faith Council; Islamic Human Rights Centre, Wembley; Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group. Viv to approach Leah from Brent FoE about possible Labour Party representation.

Next steering group meeting: 4 September

Minutes of Steering Group Meeting 26.10.10

Present: Viv Stein (Brent FoE), Ben Rickman (Brent Trades Union Council), Ken Montague (Brent and Harrow SWP), Brian Orr (Brent Green Party), Ann Hunter (Lib-Dem councillor), Ian Saville, Steffi Gray (Brent FoE)

Apologies:, Pete Murry, Tim Danby, Amanda Logan, Ed Dovey, Martin Francis

It was noted that, because of a re-shuffle, Ann Hunter is no longer Lib-Dem spokeswoman on the environment but Vice-Chair of the Council’s Health Committee. She will still be attending meetings.

1. Pre-meeting Discussion

As Tim Danby was unable to attend, Brian introduced a discussion on Clive Hamilton’s Requiem for a Species. The discussion of George Monbiot’s Heat is held-over till the next meeting. Viv Stein will be introducing Alexis Rowell’s Communities, Councils and a Low Carbon Future at the following meeting.

2. Minutes of Meeting 03.08.10

Corrections – Minute 3: “Local Consultative Forums” should be “Ward Working”. Also corrections needed to the original spellings of “Neale” and “Monbiot”. Otherwise agreed as accurate.

3. Matters Arising

Minute 2 a) (03.08.10) – Ken was meeting Adele Finch of Brent Library Services on 27 October to discuss our proposal for a joint project with environmental writers speaking about their books. It was agreed to attempt a first series of 4 meetings from March 2011. Tony Juniper and Mark Lynas had not been available to speak so the following were to be approached: Alexis Rowell, Andrew Simms, Jonathan Neale, Derek Wall. We would also try to organise a meeting for school students with Saci Lloyd talking about her series of Carbon Diaries.

Re a January public meeting on the Pakistan floods: Tim Danby had spoken to Tariq Dar at the Pakistan Community Centre and he was interested and would like to meet with us to discuss further. Tim was awaiting a reply from Dr Saleemul Huq and Ken was attempting to find a second speaker through national CaCC.

Minute 2 b) (03.08.10) – Proposed local trade union conference on “One Million Climate Jobs” and “Fighting Climate Change at Work”: Ken reported that Brent Trades Union Council had agreed to endorse the conference, which, for reasons of practicality, would now be held as an evening meeting in February. Chris Baugh, Assistant General Secretary of P.C.S. and Sarah Pearse, the T.U.C.’s Greenworkplace Project Leader had both agreed to speak but a date was still to be finalised. Ben would request the Trades Union Council to act as joint-organisers of the meeting.

Re the launch of the new BCaCC Trade Union Group pamphlet, One Million Climate Jobs: the launch meeting at the House of Commons on 14 October had been well attended. Ken would report on further developments in the campaign following the CaCC TU Group meeting on 31 October.

Minute 4) (03.08.10) – Brent TUC Anti-Cuts Campaign: the Right to Work demonstration on 3 October had been extremely successful, with over 7,000 people demonstrating despite the rain.

Minute 3 (21.10.10) – It was agreed that we should invite James Powney, Lead Councillor on the Environment, to a future meeting of the steering group.

4. Arrangements for Public Meeting 23 November and National Climate March 4

Steffi agreed to chair the meeting and Ian would make the financial appeal. Ken reported that he had taken executive action in inviting Sarah Dickson of West London Waste Authority to have a stall at the meeting for the “Love Food, Hate Waste” week of action that week. It was agreed that she be invited to speak for one or two minutes about the campaign.

Ken circulated a draft leaflet for the public meeting and the national climate march, and amendments were noted. It was agreed to have a group leafleting session outside Sainsbury’s in Willesden from 11.00 – 12.30 on Saturday 13 November.

5. Brent Sustainability Forum and Climate Change Steering Group

Viv had circulated a Brent FoE statement on the borough’s Household Waste Collection Strategy. In response to an e-mail from the Brent Climate Change Steering Group, Viv was elected BCaCC representative on the Steering Group.

6. T.U.C. Green Alliances for Growth Conference, 11 October

Ken spoke to his written report on this conference, which had been attended by about 200 delegates and addressed by a number of high-powered speakers, including the Secretary of State for the Environment and Climate Change, Chris Huhne. This had been a major initiative by the T.U.C. and there was a clear consensus on the need to create green jobs, to invest in “Green Skills”, and for Britain to push for an E.U. target of 30% reductions in carbon emissions by 2030. There was considerable pessimism, however, about any progress being made at the U.N. climate talks in Cancun in December or the prospect of a binding agreement being reached in the next 2 – 3 years. There was also a clear majority behind the T.U.C.’s view that a low carbon economy could not be achieved solely through the private sector. With this in mind the T.U.C. was pushing for local alliances between trade unionists and green activists, comparable to the U.S. “Blue-Green Alliance”, to create a political climate favourable to a rebalancing of the economy through state investment in green jobs and green skills.

There had also been a presentation on the FoE Low Carbon Budget initiative, which committed councils to a 40% carbon reduction by 2020. Steffi and Viv reported that Brent Council had signed-up to the initiative. It was agreed that we should arrange a joint training session with Brent FoE to develop a local strategy on this, to be pursued through the Climate Change Steering Group.  Viv to raise with Brent FoE.

7. Website Ian proposed that individuals arrange training sessions with him to make more effective use of the website.

8. Banner It was agreed to appeal for donations towards the cost of a BCaCC banner.

9. Next Meeting  Tuesday 7 December, 7.30 – venue tba. There would be a reduced agenda to allow time for Christmas convivialities.


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